A world of digital gift card for your company

Benefits for employeesBenefits for employees

On GiftCardStore you can find a world of digital gift cards from all the best brands!

The scenario of corporate objectives can be very broad, so we evaluate with you the best strategy to:

✔️   encourage and reward your employees

✔️   deliver benefits in your company 

✔️   make Christmas gifts

Benefits to employeesBenefits to employees

What are the advantages of the gift cards?

✔️ Purchase and shipping online

✔️ No commissions, no logistics and shipping costs

✔️ Immediately downloadable and usable

✔️ Freedom of choice for employees on their  expenses 

✔️ Considerable saving of time and money


More and more companies choose the digital gift card to provide prizes, Benefit or company gifts to their employees, collaborators, consultants and customers.

➤ Our Gift Card respond to all the needs of your company.  

Discover how to exploit their potential in these insights:

Incentive and Promotion

incentivising the workforce with gift cardsincentivising the workforce with gift cards

Corporate Christmas Gifts

reward voucherreward voucher